* the Lutherans: founded by Martin Luther, a former Catholic monk in the year 1524.

* the Anglicans: founded by King Henry VIII in 1534 because the Pope did not grant marriage annulment to marry Anne Boleyn.

* The Methodists: founded by J Wesley in England in 1739 when he decided to separate himself from the Anglicans.

* The “Evangelical” churches, “Churches of God,” “Apostolic Church” or “Church of Christ”: these groups were founded no more than fifty years ago.

* Catholic Church: founded by Jesus Christ in the year 33 of our era.

To dialogue:

* Why are there different positions before the theme of God?

* Can you say that some are wrong and others are not?

* How do you understand that there are fewer and fewer atheists?

* What does a person who has no faith need to clarify?

*, Do all religions have something in common? Why?

Our Objectives:

– To be a multidisciplinary meeting place, open to dialogue as a fundamental value of knowledge and approach between different positions.

– To be a meeting place for Catholics and people of other beliefs, or without any expectation, where we can meet and discuss with respect the different ways of thinking.

– Offer pedagogically elaborated free materials to be used in parishes, groups, movements,  funerals  services like the services offers on Funeral company in sydney cbd  etc. These materials are produced in a clear and informative language, accessible to anyone regardless of their educational level.

– Know the thinking of Catholics on current issues.

– A space for peaceful dialogue about Faith and Culture.

– Be a training and information vehicle.

– Recipients: All people of good will who visit or request our email, according to the formats and services indicated below.

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