More and more people are concerned about public safety considering the shooting, robbery and other, crimes that are happening everywhere. With so many victims, it has reminded us that life is so fragile, and it can end anytime.

In recent years, church security has become a concern for many. This is because there incidents that shootings have happened inside the church and many lives were taken within minutes. Church security is important not only for spiritual need but also for the physical need of safety for families, especially for children. If people can see that they are not safe inside the church, it will be hard for them to be convinced to go to church during service.

In order for the church to continue to serve the people, security should be tightened. The church should have a security mindset and follow a safety program to protect its people.

Here are some tips on how to keep the church secured.

Work with law enforcers.

It is essential to keep a good working relationship with law enforcement when it comes to protecting the church. Police officers should be made aware of all church activities so that help can come in handy in case of emergencies. Mock drills should also be done so that the church officials will also be aware of how to deal with certain situations and know the police officers that will help them.

Training with police officers will be beneficial for church officials as well as the people of the church.

Put up a security ministry team.

You can assign a number of people to be part of the volunteer security team. These people should have a public safety background or train them, so they know how to respond in the event of an incident. They should be available anytime when there are church events, services or occasions.

You can also hire security guards from event security management, especially for big events that the church will hold. Big events mean many people will attend, so it is only right to be more careful and vigilant. Having security guards can serve both as a warning to those people with evil plans and assurance to those visitors. They would feel safe knowing there are officers watching their safety.

Conduct a risk assessment

This should be done at least twice or once a year. Having this kind of operation will help you identify areas of vulnerabilities as well as activities that can be exploited. Ask the other staff of the church as the church offices or pastors to conduct their own assessment. The more people will assess, the more point of view you will get. Therefore, you can carefully plan on different approaches and ensure that nothing is missed.

When you conduct an assessment, you will be able to identify your church’s current deficiency as well as weaknesses.

Install monitoring equipment

There should be security cameras and other surveillance equipment that should be installed inside and outside the church, especially to areas where people mostly gathered like parking lots, offices and hallways. The church should also be equipped with monitoring systems that can notify your fire department or police officers whenever there is an emergency.

Nowadays, there are cost-effective security solutions that are available in the market. So it won’t be hard to find the one that fits your church’s needs.

With the recent acts of violence that happened in different places of worship, it is always best to think of safety and security in your church. The church is important for praying, but you should also consider these tips to ensure safety for the church and the people who visit the church.…

Let’s Distinguish The Difference Between:


Are the people who say that God does not exist. Atheists claim that the explanations given by religions have other physical reasons. There are different types of atheism and various currents of thought. There are many ways by which a person can conclude that God does not exist.

For a decade now the number of atheists has been decreasing, increasing the number of agnostics and believers. Atheists affirm, among many other things, that those who believe in God do so out of fear, not to face the harsh reality of life, because they are ignorant or because they have “eaten the coconut.”

Atheists don’t believe that there is a life beyond death, that all are illusions before the disaster of the definitive disappearance, For the atheists when a person dies, their whole being dies.


They are the people who affirm that God may exist, that something may exist, but that human knowledge can not get to know it. There are different modalities and variants of agnosticism.

Normally agnostics are usually people who respect the religion and faith of others. On many occasions, sincere unbelievers are deeply aware of the different beliefs, but they do not go so far as to affirm the existence of God resoundingly… It seems to them that if God exists, it would be so great that we could not cover it with our limited knowledge. In general, they do not deny so much that God can exist, as we can know Him.


These are the people who affirm that God exists, that he is a being, not a thing or “something.” Believers believe that God intervenes in the world and human history.

Believers in general

Many religions exist in the world. Each of them according to their history, their culture, their way of living, etc … they express their idea of God. Believers are, for example:

  • Christians (see below)
  • Muslims. (They are the ones who claim that Allah (meaning “God” in Spanish) is one God and Muhammad is his prophet, they have several currents, his book is the Koran
  • the Shintoists
  • the Jews (they believe in God as Christians, the difference is that for the Jews Jesus is not God, he is not the expected Messiah They still wait for the Messiah that God the Father will send. His book is the Old Testament of the Bible), etc., etc.

Except for Christians, these groups do not believe in Jesus Christ, that is, they do not find that Jesus is God made man, nor that he died for us, nor that he arose again on the third day. They are believers, but they are not Christians.


Among those who believe that God exists, there are Christians. Christians are those who think that Jesus Christ is God made man, who died for us to save us and who rose again on the third day after death. Among Christians who believe this is (The book of all of them is the Bible.): Catholics , Anglicans , Lutherans , Orthodox , Evangelicals , Adventists , Pentecostals , Methodists, etc., etc.


Among Christians are Catholics, that is, those who believe that Jesus is God made the man, who died for us to save us and who was resurrected on the third day after death.

The word Catholic means Universal.

Catholics are those disciples of Jesus who follow him as taught by the Bible and the Tradition of the Catholic Church. Catholics have a concrete way of following Jesus as the Church teaches us, not in an individualistic way or each in his way.